Posted by: Amanda | April 6, 2006

Busy, Busy

Yesterday was such a busy day. My boss got back from a four-day conference and just dumped piles on my desk. I’m also trying to figure how to work the new software I ordered: Microsoft Publisher. I’m trying to create online newsletters. I think I may install it at home and have Andy help me out. He excels at the techie stuff.

I can’t believe Mandisa went home last night. Although the last song she sang (Any Man of Mine) wasn’t her best. She is a Christian though! I hope she continues to sing Christian music. We shall see.

It’s 8am, and I haven’t had my coffee yet, but I’m at work, and there is a man in an orange jacket staring at me in my 2nd story window. Apparently they are hauling sheet rock via crane up to the third floor. Consequently they have positioned this thing to not only block the entire driveway, but also square in front of the two windows I look directly out. Anyway, Bob (I know his name is Bob, it’s on his shirt!) keeps staring at me, perhaps it’s because I keep looking out the window. Must look away.

It snowed here yesterday, one of the many injustices the world has to offer. There is nothing worse than snow in April. Well perhaps snow in May.


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