Posted by: Amanda | April 18, 2006


I am: Grumpy. Bad day at work.
Maybe I should: Go home and work in my garden! If only.
I love: My husband, fresh flowers, crisp white sheets
I don’t understand: Liberals
I lost my: Hmm… i can’t find the dogs treat ball she rolls around the house.
People say I’m: Funny
Love is: A gift.
Somewhere, someone is: Sleeping. I’m tired!
I will always: fall short
Forever is: the last hour of work.
I never want to: make anyone cry.
I think the current President is: Mostly good(?) Could be better.
When I wake up in the morning, I:I take a shower.
Life is full of: suprises.
My past is incredibly: complicated.
I get annoyed when: people leave their signal light on.
I wish: I could see my Mom more.
My dog is: So cute! But still not 100 percent potty trained.
Kisses are the worst when: you have a cold?
Nice: Husbands who give you “five more min.” in the morning šŸ™‚
Tomorrow I’m going to: Hopefully have a better day at work.
I really want some: Hazelnut DD ice coffee with cream and sugar. Oh my that sounds good.
I have low tolerance for people who are: Lazy
If I had a million dollars: I’d pay off our debts and build my dream house – victorian on the ocean (perhaps I may need two million for that, especially in Maine were you can’t even buy a small 2 bedroom cape for under 350,000).


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