Posted by: Amanda | April 25, 2006


Andy and I are traveling to Northern New York in a few weeks to celebrate Mother’s Day with my parents. I can’t wait to go. We haven’t been to the “North Country” since my sister Katie graduated last June. It’s hard to travel during winter because the weather is so unpredictable up there. I remember one Christmas we had to drive back to Massachusetts on Christmas Eve because the forecast called for a three day blizzard starting Christmas morning. Andy’s job, at the time, would not tolerate excuses such as being snowed in. We are so blessed that he is now in a place that gives him four weeks of vacation, but that also has flex hours. God is faithful.

Molly spent yesterday in her crate while we were at work because of the whole chewing-the-leg-on-my-china-cabinet thing. Grrh. Today she is back in the kitchen, but I sprayed bitter apple on everything wood. Hopefully she’ll get the hint.

Sunday night Andy and I attended the 101 Introduction class to The Rock Church. It was a little rudimentary, because we’ve been Christians for years, but we got to see the structure of the church and how things work. We really love it! It was a long search, but I’m glad we waited until we found were God wants us. In a couple weeks we are going to attend the Crown Financial class. You can read about that organization here. It looks good!

American Idol is on tonight! I can’t wait! Now that Ace is gone, I’m not sure whom I want to go home though.


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