Posted by: Amanda | April 26, 2006

Family Picture Tour

In order of oldest to youngest:

They just found out they are expecting! (Brother Jason and SIL Nicole)

Andy and I at the beach.

(Becky is in blue)
Becky, her husband Chris and her baby girl Jaslyn live in Texas. They are trying not to get too crispy down there.

Jaslyn (my neice)
She’s almost three.

(Heather is on the right)
Heather is student teaching at Beaver River right now in the Spanish Dept.

(Jamie with Jaslyn)
Jamie is working on finishing up school. She is also trying to plan a missions trip with our church.

(Erin and her BF Frank)
Erin is finishing up her bachelors degree at SLU, and just got accepted into Plattsburghs Grad program. So proud! Frank is an award winning auto mechanic, and is currently interviewing in Plattsburgh.

Katie has had a tough year, but she has learned a lot and is growing. She is trying to figure out the direction God wants her to go. Who hasn’t been there?

Danny is 13 and is in 7th grade. He’s on the Varsity tennis team at his school. They are currently 3-0.


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