Posted by: Amanda | May 8, 2006

Weekend in Review

Friday: What a busy day! I got off work early so I could run home, get the dog, and take her to the veterinarian. She had to be weighed (46.5lbs!) so I could get the proper Heartguard/Frontline medication. The second we walked in I heard a snarl, and before I knew it a big pitbull took a bite out of Molly. I actually spanked the other dog’s bottom, so he would release her (is that PC?), and she ran to me, and jumped up like she wanted me to pick her up. I did, all 46 pounds of her, as she shook wildly. Our vet came out at the knick of time, and witnessed the whole thing, so he quickly took us into the exam room. He checked her over, and found that the bite didn’t break the skin. He apologized profusely, but the lady that had the pitbull didn’t say a word. How rude.

I got Molly in the car (with many new treats and toys later :), and we drove to pick up Andy. He had a doctor’s appt at 4pm so he could refill all of his Allergy/Asthma medication. We are traveling up to NNY this week, and he can’t survive without his inhalers! So we pulled into Binax, and no Andy. He was stuck in a meeting, ugh. I called and called his office, but no answer. I didn’t want to leave Molly in the car, because it was so hot, but I rolled down the windows, and headed for the door. I tracked Andy down (after going through security) and we actually made his appt speeding all the way!

Friday night we rushed off to Aaron and Kelly Odom’s house in Gorham. They invited us to their game night that they have on a monthly basis with people from our church. It was a lot of fun. It was nice to actually spend some time with people our own age. I made raspberry oatmeal bars the night before and they seemed to be a big hit. Our Pastor, his wife Kim and their three kids came, so it was nice visiting with them. We rounded out the night with a great game of Scategories. Andy secretly hoped for that game as he hates playing Cranium (you have to sing in front of other people).

Saturday: We were suppose to go to Salem to visit our friends Matt & Erin Jones and their new baby Olivia, but something came up with them, so we spent the day relaxing around the house. Andy and cleaned the whole house in preparation for our trip this week. I hate coming home to a dirty house!

We watched Pride and Prejudice on Saturday night. We both loved it! I want to read the book now.

Sunday: Pastor Eric gave a great sermon on Sunday. It was about choosing Right Side living. He had a way of speaking that really sinks in to our hearts. Even Andy, who has a very hard time focusing sometimes, gets a lot out of it. I’m so glad we found this church, even though I do miss Christian Renewal in Salem.

Sunday afternoon Andy took Molly for a walk on the beach. I decided to stay home and relax. Sometimes it’s nice to have a few hours to yourself.

My boss is in Paris for the whole week! Work is going to be so easy, I have already finished all of his tasks for me for the entire week and its only 10:37 AM on Monday. Woohoo! Maybe I can finish knitting that scarf this week!


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