Posted by: Amanda | May 9, 2006

We are heading to Northern, NY this Thursday! Woohoo! I can’t wait to see my family. I’m trying to make lists of all the stuff I need to bring/do before we go. It’s much more complicated now that we have the dog. We of course, are taking her with us, but that means that I have to pack all of her “stuff”, give her a bath, buy more food, etc. I’m also a little concerned, because she doesn’t do particularly well in the car. Basically she whines and cries until she falls asleep. Oh boy, what fun!

-I’m crocheting a baby blanket for our future kids (or at the rate I’m going their kids). It’s going fairly well, it is my first big project after all.

-I have seen so many ticks this year! I’m sure it’s because of the mild winter. Ugh.

-I found this website today: How cool! I used to watch that show all the time when I was kid.

-We’re surprising my mother with a family portrait for Mothers Day. It has been quite a pain organizing so many people to be free on the same day. I’ve had to switch the appointment three times.

-Andy is doing so well at his new job. He is in the process of filing his first patent. This is a huge deal! I’m so proud of him.

-American Idol is on tonight! I can hardly wait! Who’s going???


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