Posted by: Amanda | June 1, 2006


Yesterday was a day to forget. It’s been stiflingly hot here the last few days, which makes working on the 2nd floor with no air conditioning really fun. I ended up leaving a little early due to the heat and because I wanted to get a jump-start on grocery shopping. They are remodeling the store so nothing is where is usually is therefore it took me twice as long to get what I needed. How annoying.

When I came home I opened the door and found that our dog had knocked a picture off the wall and shredded it into 45,000 pieces. If that was not enough, it seemed she had ahem, relieved herself on the shredded picture pile. Joy.

I put her on the tie out outside so I could clean up the mess (which didn’t come up very easily thanks to the wetness), and so I could bring in the groceries (Amid the vestabule of hornets! – how do I get rid of them?) She howled the whole time. It you have ever heard a hound dog howl you know what I was going through. She has been way out of sorts because Andy is gone. She sits in the window every night watching and waiting. It’s actually really depressing (he is coming home tomorrow night though, hurray!!!!)

The highlight was a call from him. He arrived in England safely and is doing well. I miss him so much! He also called me when he got up this morning, which was 2 AM in the US. I didn’t mind though because I was actually sort of awake. I got bit by a bug in my bed (no, not bedbug, an actual flying outside bug). I have bugaphobia, so it took me a really long time to convince myself that there were no more in my bed. Blah. Worst way to wake up ever.

So now I’m at work, sweating. Hopefully today will be better.


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