Posted by: Amanda | June 20, 2006

Who created air-conditioning?

….i love them.

It’s a hot 92 degrees here this morning, and it’s barely 9 o’clock. Steamy. We have an air-conditioner in our bedroom, but have been reluctant to put one in the livingroom/dining area because its so open. We’ve both been really extra cranky because of the heat so last night we put up temporary curtains to block off the entry ways so we could keep the living room cool. What a difference! We’re not used to this heat at all – for the past 4 years we lived literally on the ocean, so it was cooler and there was a nice breeze. Not so much when your land-locked.

Today i’m home. I only have to go into work one day a week from now on. How glorious. Yesterday was that day – so I have the rest of the week ahead of me. I also got all my grocery shopping out the way yesterday. I really have been dying to make scones, but its so hot, I don’t know if I want to turn on the oven. They are pretty good though – may be worth it!

I’m actually typing on our “new” laptop. Just one of the advantages of having a computer teacher as a MIL. First dibs on computers that are being sold by the school. In Maine students get new laptops every year, and the old ones are sold. This one is only a few years old! Woohoo. Andy hooked up a wireless router, so i’m in my bed typing in the air-conditining. It doesn’t get much better than this. Well, maybe if I had a scone!

Well – off to do laundry. Enjoy the day!


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