Posted by: Amanda | July 6, 2006

Weekend in Review

Stephen, Charlene, Andy and I on the top of Cadillac Mtn. at Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, ME

Linda trying to fly – it was crazy windy

Andy eating lobstah at the Log Cabin Resturant

The crew resting for a moment at the Jordan Pond house

This is the view from Cadillac Mtn. Andy proposed to me here 4 years ago!

Andy’s brother Stephen and his mom Linda in front of the bell at Portland Headlight
These past few days have been a whirlwind! Andy’s brother Stephen and wife Charlene are up from Virginia this week.

Sunday we picked up Andy’s mother Linda and all drove up to Bangor, ME to visit his Dad and Cathie. They just built a house in Herman (which is near Bangor). After the tour of the new house we met their new Shitzu puppies: Moses and Millie. Molly (our dog) didn’t think too highly of them. She was much more interested in their cat Max, although he didn’t return the affection.

We all went out for brunch in the only restaurant in Herman: The Herman dinner. The food was pretty good! After brunch we all headed up to Acadia National Park for a few days (we had just taken Linda there the weekend before for her birthday).

It was a long 2 hour drive with the dog in the car. She is getting sick of traveling. We haven’t been home for a weekend in 6 weeks.

Sunday night we got settled into our hotel rooms and then headed into the park. We started at the visitor’s center and then we went up Cadillac Mtn. Unfortunately it was too foggy to see the sun set, and it was also really windy! Unlucky for me as I was wearing a skirt, so I sat in the car during most of the time there!

We ate at the Log cabin restaurant for dinner that night. Of course Andy had the Lobster! We left Molly in our hotel room howling. She quieted down though after a while. She was asleep when we came home!

After dinner we broke off into two groups – Andy and I stayed behind with the dogs so we could go swimming in the hotels pool, and everyone else went into Bar Harbor to enjoy the night life. Fun fun!

Monday we spent most of the day in the park enjoying the sights. It was a long drive back home (4+ hours). We were so tired!

Tuesday, the four we got up early and cleaned the house and Linda, Stephen and Charlene arrived by 5. We picked up Chinese and ate on Old Orchard Beach so we could watch the fireworks. They were ok, nothing like sitting on the docks at Salem Harbor.

Wed. – Charlene, Andy and Linda all went to Portland Headlight. I stayed home with Molly and made lunch/dinner/BBQ. It was so hot in the house with the stove on!

Today I went into the office, and Andy also went back to work. Blah. I only had a half-day though, so I’m home tackling all the laundry, stripping beds, and getting caught up on the dishes.

No rest for the weary though – tonight Linda is throwing a surprise baby shower for Stephen and Charlene, so we’ll be up there for that tonight.

Saturday I have volunteer training at The Root Cellar and Saturday we have dinner with our Pastor and family, and then a class through church at night.

I’m tired just thinking about it!



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