Posted by: Amanda | July 11, 2006


“Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3:22-23)

My heart is heavy today. I just got off the phone with my Father.

The tragedy of divorce is that the reprocusions seem never ending. My parents are in constant war over who should pay what and how much. Luckilly I am no longer a “burden”, but my sisters are still not emancipated: one is 19 the other 21.

They are not close to my Father, I still struggle with that concept alone. My father and I have a great relationship. We may live states away but we talk on the phone 1-2 times per week. My sisters relationship with him is much more strained even though they live minutes away, and I don’t know how to fix that – I feel all I can do is pray.

I have a great relationship with my Mom as well, which puts me in the middle. I’ve spent years in the middle. Should I be forced to pick a side? I can’t.

My father accepted Christ and has repented for his mistakes in the past. My mother is not a Christian and doesn’t see the strides he makes. How many times can a person be punished for making a mistake? On the other hand – you do reap what you sow.

Please pray for my family.



  1. I will add your family to my prayer list.

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