Posted by: Amanda | August 5, 2006

I was scrapbooking yesterday, and came across this photo: Three generations! I love them both so much.

Grandma, Me and Mom

When my Mom was here last weekend I helped her order this rug from Overstock. She is one of those people who are terrified of using the computer to make purchases. Hehe. She was delighted when the rug arrived just 3 days later. I meanwhile have my eye on this, what do you think?

Andy and I slept in this morning, which is one of the first times we’ve been able to do that this whole summer. It was glorious. Usually though, the dog leaves a little surprise when the alarm clock is disregarded. She is on a schedule too, ya know. She must have been catching up on her beauty sleep as well, because when we came down at 9, we had to wake her up!

This morning was spent doing errands: trip to the bank and grocery store, laundry, dishes, and mowing. I have been puttering around. I need to make some cards for a few family members under the weather. My cousin Kim just went through a horrible surgery last week to remove her ovaries as she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at only 30. My Uncle Mike is home from Syracuse after being treated for Leukemia. Finally a distant cousin Charlie is in an induced coma as a result of a terrible auto crash this past weekend. Hopefully a card from far away will bring a little encouragement.

We watched a few great family movies this past weekend. I believe they are based on Janet Oaks books:

Love’s Enduring Promise and Love Comes Softly.



  1. Love the chair!
    Terrific movies don’t you think?

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