Posted by: Amanda | August 9, 2006

Settling Dust

I quit my job at Camp Winnebago yesterday. I didn’t sleep well the night before (confrontation will do that to you), but I woke up with complete peace that I was doing the right thing. There is freedom in obedience. I know taking this new job at church is God’s plan for me.

My (current-for-the-next-two-weeks) boss did not take the news well at all. He screamed, yelled profanities and eventually hung up on me, which in turn confirmed my decision all the more. How professional. These next few weeks (7 days) will be a real test of patience, but I know God is in control.

Psalm 29:11
The Lord gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.

In other news:
* Our roof is being replaced this week. Bang, bang, bang.

* We took our car into the shop yesterday because the headlight weren’t working even after we replaced the bulbs. We were pleasantly surprised that because of a recall they were fixed at no charge!

* My husband took my out to dinner last night because he knew I didn’t want to cook. He is so thoughtful.

* Molly is going to the veterinarian tomorrow for a heartworm test. Our Vet required all dogs to have one even though we give her Heartguard once a month which is suppose to prevent heartworm. I’m not looking forward to spending the $100, but she’s worth it.

* Andy and I are taking his Mom Linda to the Topsham Fair tomorrow. I’ve never been much for fairs, but it should be a nice change of pace.

* Finally, JUST PUSH PRAY. Anyone in Maine interested in going?


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