Posted by: Amanda | August 11, 2006

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days.

I drove Andy to work and then took Molly to the Vet. She had to have her 1-year heart -worm test. We waited patiently in the waiting room for 30 minutes even though we were on time. It’s really hard to control her there because there are so many other people with their dogs or worse cats. She get’s excited. We made it through though; our name was finally called, and we entered the exam room. I put Molly up on the table, and she caught sight of the needle. She went crazy! Two nurses couldn’t hold her still, so I had to help calm her down. The doctor drew her blood, and the whipped around and accidentally stuck ME with the needle. Ouch! The Vet apologized, but didn’t seem too concerned which bothered me a little bit. I was after all just stuck with a needle that drew blood from my dog! She said I had nothing to worry about, but I still insisted that she write up an accident report just to be on the safe side. She said she would fax me a copy, so I paid the bill and left.

After taking the dog to the Pet Store to pick out a new bone (I know, I’m nuts – we need to have children, you should have seen her big bandage on her arm though), I went home and called my doctor. Unlike the Vet she was very concerned that I could have contracted Lyme disease if the dog was a carrier. I had to call the Infectious disease center of ME and file a report. Then I called my Vet back to tell her what my doctor said about the Lyme disease issue. She said after I left she tested the dog for Lyme, and it was negative. Clearly she knew it was a possibility. Ugh. I think we’re going to be shopping around for a new Vet!

After a much needed nap (with the dog of course). I got ready to pick up Andy as we were to head up to Topsham for the fair. We got to Topsham all right, but just as we pulled into his mother’s driveway the battery light went on. Great! I knew that battery was not the problem because we recently replaced it. So at 6pm at night I was frantically calling around to garages to see if they could see us as we couldn’t go anywhere with our car in that condition. Many minutes past before I finally talked to a person at VIP. He had us drive the car there (luckily less than a mile) and confirmed my fear: it was the alternator. Alternators=empty wallets. Of course, the mechanics had left for the day, so the best he could do was fix it the next day. Luckily Linda isn’t working yet (she’s a teacher) so she drove us back down to Saco because we couldn’t leave the dog overnight alone and then stayed the night with us so she could drive me to work. Andy took a personal day today, and they headed back up this morning. I hate spending so much money on the car. Blah.


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