Posted by: Amanda | August 13, 2006

This, that and pictures

We’ve spent quality time inside waiting rooms of VIP Auto service stores these last few days. As I mentioned in a previous post, we had to replace our alternator. Andy took Friday off from work, and they fixed it. He picked me up on the way through, and as we were almost home the car died, again. A tow truck, and hours later we found out that we simply got a “bad” alternator. They put a new, hopefully “good” one in and we’ve been in the clear ever since.

This morning we ran errands (oil change, groceries) etc. We have a really busy few days ahead of us. Tomorrow we have a wedding at noon (noon on a Sunday!) and then I have to go to camp for four LONG days. Especially long because I have to stay overnight. Just as I get back on Wed., Andy leaves for a business trip for two days. We aren’t going to see each other for five days. Another reason I can’t wait for my job at Church to start. No travel!

We took Molly to the beach this afternoon here are the pictures!

Molly and I at OOB

Andy and Molly

Sunset at the beach

Andy and Molly

Will the guilty party please step forward…. (I can’t afford anything from Pottery Barn anyway).


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