Posted by: Amanda | August 21, 2006

Manic Monday

Today is my official last day at work. I start at church tomorrow. I’m so excited!

Andy and I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday we drove up to Topsham to see Andy’s Mom Linda because she had broken her arm the week before playing capture the flag at a youth event. Two days after she broke her arm, so managed to slice open her fingers trying to open a baked bean can. She is almost immobile! We went up and cleaned her house, took her out for groceries, and cooked her a few meals to get her through the week. Hopefully she will heal fast as school is just around the corner.

We’re having more problems with our car. So far this summer we’ve replaced the headlights, the battery and the alternator. Saturday as we were coming home from Topsham we heard a horrible rattle. The heat shield fell off the car! I’m taking it in to the shop this week. More $$$ down the drain.

I have been reading the most wonderful series, you should check it out!
This is the first
and third!
The best part is, that they are only $7.77 at Hannaford!



  1. Sorry about your Mother in law. Must be the name……my boys (men now) have always called me the queen of klutz. I think I have broken every bone in my body at least once.
    Yes, your raspberry oatmeal bars!
    I am sure you will enjoy the new job so much more. It can become very hectic but it is so rewarding.
    Sorry about the car….I think they reach a certain point when they become more trouble than they are worth.
    As for the book series, I was just talking about wanting to read that.

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