Posted by: Amanda | August 27, 2006


Friday morning I got a call at work. It was Andy’s Mom Linda. She broke her arm a few weeks ago and was the at the doctors office for a follow-up visit. The break was not healing correctly, so they had to re-break her arm and surgically install a rod IN her arm to correct it.

A few hours later Andy and I found ourselves in the Midcoast Hospital. Luckily Aunt Carol was able to be there with her while she went in, because I couldn’t get a hold of Andy as he was in an all day meeting. We were there when she woke up though, and stayed with her until she was released many hours later. They actually wanted her to stay the night because she wasn’t tolerating the pain very well, but she was determined to go home. I was really trying to get her to stay, because she kept getting sick and I knew it would be really hard to take care of her at home.

She was so weak she almost fainted trying to get in the car, but there was no arguing with her about going home. She was very determined to go! We pulled into her house around 11 and upon arrival she got really sick. It was a really long night to say the least.

Molly was pent up in the kitchen while we were at the hospital, so as we were ready to crash she was ready to play! She doesn’t sleep well in other peoples homes, so we were up around 4AM, and so was I.

Saturday was more of the same – no sleep. We went home on today early so we could go to church. The sermon was on the Rhythm of life. I’ll have to look over the sermon notes again because I was zoned out today. 5 hours of sleep in two days will do that to you! Andy, Molly and I crashed when we got home. We slept for almost 5 hours…. ahhh. Hopefully we’ll still be able to sleep tonight!


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