Posted by: Amanda | September 1, 2006

Friday blues…….

*Keep Rebekah in Prayer*

I’ve been in a bad mood for about three days, and I can’t seem to snap out of it. I’m just stressed out – I started a new job (which I love!), but am still working Friday’s at my old job. I know it’s not my responsibility anymore, but I worry about the workload at camp. My old boss hasn’t even starting looking for a replacement yet and that puts pressure on me to get a lot done in one day!

I’m also grumpy because up until two weeks ago, I’ve had the summer off. It’s hard to adjust to things at home. I do all the cooking and the majority of the cleaning. My husband is used to that, but now I want some help and he’s not quick to offer a hand. We’ve been fighting a lot about that this week.

We haven’t had a day to relax in almost a month. Andy’s Mom has required constant care on weekends, and we’ve had a ton of problems with our car this month (we have another appt at Midas tomorrow!). So that adds stress!

On top of everything our dog Molly has a UTI, so she has been peeing all over the place (mostly in the kitchen, thank God!). I can’t get a vet to look at her until Tuesday b/c of the holiday weekend, which means three more days of this.

This week we read about fasting in bible study. I’ve never been too hot on the idea, but I don’t honestly know much about it. Sure, I’ve done 30-hour famines here and there over the years, but I don’t feel I’ve ever been called to fast. The idea seems appealing to me now though. Can anyone explain to me why we fast? Or fasting stories?


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