Posted by: Amanda | September 6, 2006

Never a dull moment…

Andy came home last night with a horrible headache. You could tell just looking at him that he was in pain. I gave him two motrin and sent him to bed. Hours past, and he came downstairs feeling better. Well the phone rang (or some other distraction) and we come into the living room to find Molly had chewed through the Motrin bottle (she has quite a reach as it was on the BACK of the counter). For fear that she injested one (or more!) we called the Animal Emergency vet and they had us give her hydrogen peroxide to make her throw up. Luckilly we didn’t see any pills in the vomit, but we were on edge all night. She started shaking a little bit, which was scary as that is a side effect of eating one, but the doctor didn’t seem too concerned. He said it could be because of the peroxide we had given her. She made it through the night ok (in our bed), and seems fine this morning. How scary though!

Tomorrow is my birthday! I’ll be twenty-seven. Wow.



  1. Well, Happy 27th Birthday.
    Does she counter surf? Lots of Bassets do. All of mine did when we had them all at one time. Now that we just have Zoe, she is pretty low key.

  2. We can’t leave anything on the counters. If she smells it, she’ll find a way to get it.

  3. Happy (almost) Birthday! My sister-in-law’s birthday is tomorrow, as well. ‘Tis birthday season!

  4. Happy Birthday!

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