Posted by: Amanda | September 10, 2006


Instead of staying upstairs for the sermon today, I served in the nursery. Today was my first day on a rotating monthly schedule. I had two babies to myself. Emma happily vibrated in her bouncy chair, and Gabriel and I played with the leap pad play station until he realized that his mom had left. Then the tears started to flow. First Gabriel and then Emma. What do you do with two screaming babies? Emma was easily taken care of after a rather unpleasent diaper change. Gabriel finally calmed down when his mom came back. I feel so bad for her, she needs a break, and I couldn’t give her one today. Oh well, maybe next time.

This afternoon I painted many little faces with paint, and helped decorate several sugar cookies (I finished baking LATE last night – 500 cookies is alot!). It was a fun afternoon at the OOB firehouse. The firemen and police officers really appreciated being recognized. It was nice to be able to pray together and share a meal. I think they were really blessed.

Well, i’m off. I want to finish the book i’m reading, it’s called “Death by Meeting”. Sounds exciting right? It’s suppose to help staff mtg’s be more productive.

I made this for dinner tonight. You should try it, it’s really good and easy!



  1. At church we have a rule against anybody but parents changing diapers (protection against child sexual abuse) and I must confess that I don’t mind this rule a bit; sure makes working in the nursery a whole lot easier!!!!!

    Thanks for passing the recipe along. Both Daniel and I are fans of honey mustard, so I will definitely give it a try.

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