Posted by: Amanda | September 18, 2006

Good Weekend

We had a really nice relaxing weekend. It was good to have time to ourselves for a change.

Saturday I scrapbooked and puttered upstairs in the morning, while Andy took Molly to the dog park. Her second favorite place in the world aside from the beach. The beach doesn’t allow dogs until November 1st, so she’s got a bit of a wait.

Saturday night we got a quick bite and then went to go see The Last Kiss with Zach Braff. It was ok, but a little more crued than we were expecting. I thought it was a chick flick, but cleary not. I guess we need to pay more attention to the rating.

Today our sister church in Bangor had their grand opening so we had a guest speaker preach about The Rhythm of Culture. It was a great message.

Andy watched the Patriots game today while I made a lovely sunday dinner: Roast chicken, wild long grain rice with peas, corn bread and for dessert – poached pears with strussle topping a la mode. Yum-o as Rachel Ray would say.



  1. Nice new layout….very autumn(y).
    Miss your polka dots though.
    Molly is so cute…..but then I never met a basset I did not fall in love with.
    Dinner sounds yummy, actually, it is what I had planned for tomorrow night, minus the poached pears. I just made some brownies and we went to the apple orchard and got apples to make apple crisp.

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