Posted by: Amanda | September 22, 2006

Skater Boy…

My husband bought a skate board tonight. We are having a youth outreach event this weekend at the skatepark. Andy is doing his part by making a fool of himself on the skateboard to try and make other people feel more confident. I will be contributing in a much less obvious way by making 2 sheet pans full of brownies. That is how I roll.

Today at work I finished the handmade invitations for my friend Kelly’s baby shower (also a church member, I wasn’t slacking on the job). I always go overboard. I hand cut the cardstock and vellum and of course had three diffent colors of gingham ribbon. They turned out fabulous. I’ll have to post a picture if I think of it.

In other news – if you have a Michaels near you they are having an amazing sale on scrapbooking paper. 5/$1. I bought 50 sheets tonight for $10!

On a more serious note, I met with a lady today that has a very dark past. She was involved in some capacity with a cult and satanism. Eek. The pastor was out of town, so I listened to her, and prayed over her. I never been in such a position as this and it was a little scary. But so is the reality of spiritual warfare.

My today was busy! After work we also looked at a house a friend is selling for an unheard of price. It unfortunetly is way to small though. It would be really hard to go from 3000 sq feet to 1000. Building equity would be nice though… I’ll be praying about that this week.

Well I’m going to bed! Friday is upon us! Hurray!


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