Posted by: Amanda | September 23, 2006


I’ve been working at church for 7 weeks now. I agreed to “help out” at my old job until my old boss found someone new. So i’ve been coming in on Fridays for 8ish hours (church is only M-Th). I’ve been trying to leave, but every week there is a new excuse why he hasn’t hired anyone yet. It’s so frustrating. Fridays are now the day that the women’s bible study is at church, so I told him I would only work for 5-6 hours so I could go to my class. Today he told me that I wasn’t allowed to go anymore because he needed me full time on Friday. I’m so sick of being taken advantage of, but i’m so not confrontational. Today I found my courage and left and told him I woudn’t be back. That was 6 hours ago and I still feel sick to my stomach.



  1. Good for you. I don’t think anyone likes confrontation but you must admit, he was just taking advantage of you. I can understand your still feeling sick to your stomach…..I am always that way when I am forced to be confrontational. (one reason I like email and blogging, you have that anonymity)
    You asked what I did for work; I moved to Syracuse to take care of Matthew. When we lived in Canton, I was the Admin. Asst. for Christian Fellowship Center.

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