Posted by: Amanda | October 6, 2006


We’ve been shopping around for a new feather bed this week. Only to come up empty handed. Our’s is getting warn, and neither of us have been getting a good night sleep lately. Ultimately we need a new bed, but I don’t want to fork over $1000 for a new one just yet. I’m so cheap.

Raspberry turnovers are cooking in the oven. We had a very light dinner tonight because I haven’t gone grocery shopping in three weeks. Ugh. I hate walmart.

Our friends from church delivered their 5th baby last night: Annah Joy was born this morning at 12AM. I’m looking for something glueten free and yummy to make for the family. Their 3rd, Rachel, is allergic to gluetens, which I found out today are in everything.

Well, I must go my guilt pleasure is on right now (survivor!).



  1. You can buy glueten free flour at health food-type stores. Also, for dinners you could make anything with veggies and meat, rice, potatoes, etc. My younger daughter has food allergies so I’ve done a bit of research.

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