Posted by: Amanda | October 28, 2006

Wicked Weather

Today is the perfect day to curl up with a good book and homemade hot chocolate. It’s cold, wet and windy out. We’ve already lost power twice and its barely noon. I might be crazy, but I secretly love loosing power. I love lighting candles and bundling up near a window. It’s very Little House on the Praire – log cabin and all.

We had a lovely time with our friends on thursday. To my horror, they are renovating Panera so we ended up going to Eggspectations one of my favorite resturants. They serve gourmet breakfast. It’s fabulous. I had Eggs benedict with spinach and grueyer, and Andy had the lobster omlet. Well worth the extra few $.

One Night with the King was pretty good. It deviated from the bible quite a bit, but the overall plot was the same. The Kings wardrobe looked like it came straight from the Delta Burke Palm Beach collection. That was a litle scary! He was also slathered from head-to-toe in baby oil. Personally, i’d wait for the video!

Well we’re on our way out to go shopping. We need to get stuff to fill our boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We have a stuffing party with friends from church tomorrow. I also have to assemble the stuffed shells. Yum!


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