Posted by: Amanda | October 31, 2006


I’ve been running lately. Not a whole mile or anything lengthy like that, but 1/4 a mile here and there. Best to start slow with these things. Especially if the last time you ran was High School nearly 10 years ago (darn physical fitness tests). Tonight after taking Molly out to “go potty” I decided to take her for a walk down the street which turned into a jog. Usually she’s the one pulling me to go faster on our walks, but I was moving much faster than her little legs were used to going. She loved every minute. Now I fear she’ll expect the same speed with every walk – but that may be a good thing.

I was late for work this morning. On the way back from the Davis’ yesteray we hit a HUGE pothole in the road. Well this morning the car was handling really funny, so we decided to pull over at a garage. They discovered that we bent the rim on our front tire. Great way to start off a monday. My friend Caren came and picked me up and took me to work while Andy stayed behind and waited. Luckilly the bill only came to $20.

I have a few friends that need a lot of prayer. I get overwhelmed everytime I think of their situations. I have to keep telling myself that our God is a big, big God.

Well i’m off. The December issue came in the mail today (squeal!).



  1. I was wondering about your exercise program (actually Curves) and how you were doing. But jogging, I guess you are doing really well. I am a little jealous seeing I can barely walk anymore. Not too long now, I guess.

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