Posted by: Amanda | November 6, 2006

Andy has been screaming at the TV for the last hour. Stupid football.

I’m still really tired from Friday night. Staying up all night for Superbowl was fun, but I haven’t caught up on my sleep yet.

These are the two websites I visit everyday: Culinary Concoctions and Weight Watchers… oh the dichotomy.

Speaking of food, we were over at the Odom’s tonight and we made two kids of pumpkin pie. One pie with fresh pumpkin and one with canned. They both came out great, although I favored the pie with canned pumpkin. Andy and Aaron played with wood in the garage. I’m glad Andy has a friend he can build stuff with.

Caren and Kelly



  1. You are both very fortunate to have such good friends. I am very glad to be close to Susan and the baby but I really miss our friends. (and the girls) We had dinner out once a week and dessert at each other’s houses 2x’s a week.
    I do miss the fellowship. We have acquaintances here but no real friends. 😦

  2. I think I might actually prefer the canned too! (Must be the maple syrup…)

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