Posted by: Amanda | November 16, 2006

I’m Back

My guilty pleasure is over now. Luckilly my favorite couple won. Hurray!

Things are starting to get back to normal around here now that we are both feeling better. The laundry and dishes are calling my name, but i’m procrastinating for just one more day! Instead Andy and I are going shopping for bedding. We are getting our new King size bed next week! I am having a horrible time matching anything I like with our blue carpet though. I hate colored carpet.

I found these the other day. Aren’t they cute!? They are on the menu for Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I haven’t even started planning yet. I’m a bit panicked – I usually have these things nailed down weeks before. Ah well, that’s what this weekend is for!

Well i’m off to go shopping. We also plan on watching Cars tonight. I hear it’s good. I love Netflicks.



  1. Emmit was my favorite as well. Who would have thought such a big football jock could dance that well?!

  2. I LOVE that picture of Molly.

  3. AHHHHH! That picture of Molly is SO cute!! I’m glad you’re finally feeling better. How are you doing this week? If you need to vent, you know who to call… đŸ˜‰

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