Posted by: Amanda | December 4, 2006

The first snow

We got our first snow today in Maine. Thankfully, it’s already gone. I’m hoping it will hold out until after our 9-hour trek to the north country for Christmas. One can hope.

We had a really busy weekend! Friday we did some Christmas shopping, which turned into shopping for stuff for the house as well. Andy’s find of the day was a plush mattress pad for 60% off at Kohls. I can’t really tell the difference, but it makes him happy! We ended up going to Panera for dinner and then rented You, Me and Dupree.

Saturday we headed up to Freeport to go to L.L. Bean. The town looked great decorated for Christmas. They had horse drawn buggy rides and hot chocolate. It was very picturesque. Well up until the point we couldn’t find a parking spot. 45 minutes later… It was worth it though! We are almost done Christmas shopping. Hurray!

Sunday was our Family Worship Sunday Christmas Celebration at church. Andy and I were there from 8am to 3pm. It was exhausting! Later in the evening we went over to the Odom’s for dinner. They made the most delicious pot roast and vegetables (Andy’s favorite) and then we made gingerbread houses.

The Wheeler’s South Central Gingerbread House

The Odom’s Uppereast Side Estate de là Gingèr



  1. You CRACK me up!! I’m still laughing about Estate de la Ginger. Don’t look now but I made some improvements last night. New pics on our page…

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