Posted by: Amanda | December 11, 2006

Sunday Night

We just got back from seeing The Nativity Story. We were suppose to go with people from church but one couple called in sick and no one else showed up! We still had fun though. The film was great for the most part. Andy and I agreed that the “angel” was a little creepy. He looked like bum.

Saturday we had the Bickford’s over for dinner and a movie. Laura’s husband is in Bosnia so she and her three girls are alone for the month. Andy and I (mostly I) made prochiotto stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and bruschetta. Then we all watched Ice Age2. Molly was really bad all night. The girls got her all riled up, and then their was no settling her down.

Friday was the Ladies Christmas dinner at church. It was a blast. Here are a few pictures:

Kelly and me

My MIL Linda, she won a santa – one of the many door prizes of the evening. I won a free haircut and foils at Voila salon. What color should I go?

More here and here.



  1. Great pictures! (And a great party – you did an EXCELLENT job with the planning.)

    We got our tree yesterday – Flaherty’s was a great find (thanks for the tip)! We got a beautiful tree for a good price and now it’s proudly decorated in the corner of our living room. I would have taken a picture but that would mean unpacking the camera from the hospital bag. Maybe if I’m feeling ambitious later I’ll post a picture or two…

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