Posted by: Amanda | December 16, 2006


Today was a long day. I don’t work on Fridays, so this morning after I dropped Andy off at work, I did some Christmas shopping. I’ve been putting it off because I hate how crowded the stores are, but we’re down to the wire now. I got some really cute things at the Christmas Tree Shop for my neice and nephew. I just love a bargain!

My women’s bible study group had lunch today at Flatbread in Portland. The resturaunt was a little nutty crunchy (think burts bees, and knitting your own socks!). The food was organic and expensive, but the company was worth it. We exchanged gifts – I got some Lindt chocolates, a back massager and some calming gum. Good stuff!

After lunch I rushed home to get ready for Andy’s company Holiday Party. I picked Andy up with a change of clothes in tow. He has this thing about changing in public places (what did his mother do to him?), so we drove to church and he got changed. We arrived a cool 15 minutes early and were the only people sitting in the Casco Bay room at the Marriot for over a half-hour. We did get first dibs on the h’orderves though. The early bird gets the stuffed mushrooms. The food was very fattening and delicious…I did break down and have a sliver of cheesecake. So good.

The rest of the evening Andy and I mingled a bit around the room and then we sat and watched people dance. Can I just say- people with the science degrees have no business being on the dance floor. Ever. There was a lot of wiggling and uncomforatble swaying going on in addition to the ever popular “running man” from the 80s and “the watermellon”.

Luckilly after 4 hours of free fun Andy announced he was ready to go.

Now, Sleep.


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