Posted by: Amanda | December 17, 2006




  1. Nice tree…..great picture of Molly too…..take it she is feeling better.
    As for Zoe, they thought she had an infection of some kind. They did tests and then we had to bring her back in as she was diagnosed with auto immune disease. Her body was attacking the red blood cells faster than she could make it. She lost 16# in as many days and her red blood count dropped to 12. They had run out of options as none of the IV therapy was working and she was deteriorating very fast.

  2. LOVE the action shot of Miss Molly! (I want one of Her Highness rolling around in her plush new bed…) And LOVE the tree! Um, gorgeous!

    Don’t panic by the way, we’re at home. Neither one of us got any sleep last night (We have got to calm down!) and after breakfast we passed out. When we came to it was too late to make it.

    What do you have on tap this week?

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