Posted by: Amanda | December 28, 2006


We pulled into the driveway at 4pm last night. Considering we left at 5am – it was not good time. We left in ice and snow and dealt with it up until Worcester. I can’t believe it’s still bare in Maine. I’m thankful for that!

I am back at work today rushing around getting the bulletins done for Sunday, and Progressive Dinner plans sorted out. The furnace here at church is on the fritz, so when I came in this morning my office was covered in soot and it was 45 degrees in the place. Thank you Lord for electric heaters!

I plan on leaving early to finish up Christmas shopping (yes I know its the 28th). Andy’s Mom is coming this weekend to have “2nd Christmas” as she is in Virginia now visiting with Andy’s brother Stephen and her new grandaughter Elizabeth. It hasn’t been the best of times for her though, Elizabeth was readmitted to the hospital again yesterday. She has not gained an ounce of weight in the entire month of her life. I’m worried about that little girl.

I’m working on my menu for the Progressive Dinner we are having this weekend for church. Andy and I are in charge of Soup and Salad. I’ll let you know what we come up with. So far: Lots and lots of Panera bread!



  1. Bare here in Syracuse also. We got a little snow yesterday but it was gone this morning.

    We will bwe praying for Elizabeth.

    Your choice of lots and lots of Panera bread sounds like a great one.

    Excellent pictures of Molly. Kinda makes me miss Zoe all the more.

    When I worked at CFC we were constantly depending on our electric heaters. I know just how you feel.

    Have a great time with Andy’s mom and a blessed New Year.

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