Posted by: Amanda | January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

We got up late today. It was wonderful to sleep in. We’ve been staying up late for the last 10-days and it is catching up with us!

We had the Progressive dinner at church last night. It went really well, especially considering that 10 more people came than signed up! Andy and I were in charge of the soup & salad portion of the evening. It was a little stressful doing everything after church but we came through. We made: Creamy Chicken torillini soup, ceasar salad, tossed salad, italian bread, bruschetta and cheese/crackers/pickles/olives. The next house had lasagna and beef tenderloin. Yum! We finished with dessert at church and the worship and an end of the year slide show made by Andy. It was a great night!

Linda celebrated New Years Eve with us because we didn’t get to see her over Christmas. She was in Virginia with Andy’s brother Stephen, his wife Charlene and the new baby Elizabeth. So this morning we exchanged gifts and had “christmas breakfast”. I made french toast on the new electric griddle Linda bought me, and we had fruit and bacon. The diet must start back up again tomorrow!

Elizabeth is doing much better. The doctors finally decided she was allergic to milk. She was in the hospital over Christmas, but was released a few days ago. She has to wear a feeding tube until she gains more weight. The new milk free, soy free formula they have her on has already produced results. She gained 5 oz. in just one day. The only down side is its really expensive!!!

Little Elizabeth – 1 month old

My sister Becky (step), her husband Chris and my little neice Jaslyn were in a really bad car accident yesterday night. They were going up a hill and were hit by someone going down the same hill (it was freezing rain). They’re car spun down and hit a telephone pole. Chris ended up with a concusion (sp?) and 25 stitches on his head. Jaslyn was in the back where the telephone pole hit directly. Her carseat was tossed from one side of the car to the other, but because both side air bags went off was unharmed – thank you Lord. Becky is in the hospital now. Her airbag hit her 6.5 month pregnant stomach. They baby initially showed some signs of distress, but has calmed down. They are keeping her for a few days to make sure everything is ok. Please pray they don’t have to deliver early! She’s really scared, but is in good spirits.

Miss Jaslyn – Christmas Day
She received dress up clothes for Christmas and refuses to wear anything else


  1. I have been reading a lot on Romney and really like what I am learning. He seems very conservative.

    My daughter is severely allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts. There are several resources availible online. Let me know if you would like any of them to pass along. It’s unnerving at first, but as your niece grows, it really is quite easy to deal with food allergies – as long as you knwo your stuff.

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