Posted by: Amanda | January 6, 2007

Global Warming?

Our thermostat in Saco reads 64 degrees. We celebrated this spike in temperature with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast cooked on my new griddle. Andy is wearing shorts “just because he can”.

The Christmas tree is coming down today…finally. I am sad to see it go, but thrilled at the prospect of not having to yell at the dog every 5 minutes to “get out of the tree”. She has a deep affinity for pine tree scented water. Last year was much worse – as she violently tugged on the “sticks” under the tree. We had to tie it down in several places.

Laundry, dishes and organizing make up the rest of the day and I’m glad for that. It’s good for things to get back to normal. We do hope to squeeze in a walk and maybe this after dinner.
Have a great Saturday!



  1. Knee is much better, thanks for asking. The infection is finally gone. Matty and I have been walking twice as far this week (but then with this gorgeous weather, how could you not)

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