Posted by: Amanda | January 17, 2007

Blah, Blah

If you like to listen to online Christian Radio, I found a goldmine this morning! Check out

*We went shopping for a digital camera last night and came home empty handed. Of course the model we want went on sale this week and is now out-of-stock. Boo! We did get a rain check though at the sale price.

*It was 1 degree this morning. It’s suppose to be -20 tonight with the windchill. I guess i’m going to have to break out the hats and mittens after all. My grandma just mailed us two pairs: green for Andy, purple for me. She’s so cute!

*I love these. They make life so much easier.



  1. Oh Amanda! How I’ve missed you! Thanks for your DELICIOUS pot roast. Divine.

    I LOVE Air1. (Have you seen the sticker on the back of our car? They ROCK. (We are TWINS I tell you, TWINS!!)

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