Posted by: Amanda | January 24, 2007

Chocolate….Oh how I love thee…

We get meals dropped off at the church on a regular basis. Someone is always sick, in a tough spot, or just had a baby. Today’s meal was being dropped off for my favorite little family. But to my surprise one was made for mine as well! I’m not just talking about a little meal either…they went all out: tater-tot casserole, caesar salad, homemade rolls, sparkling cider and a 6” round, raspberry filled, Heaven anointed chocolate cake. I have a great job and more importantly great friends.
(I have to post a picture of the cake – it’s stunning. However I don’t make a habit of bringing my digital camera to work – so hopefully tonight I will remember to snap a photo…we’ll see if the cake makes it that long). I suddenly feel a need to go to the gym.


Is anyone familiar with THIS curriculum? Tackling this topic with our youth group is not one I’m particularity looking forward to, but is much needed. Oh geeze, I’m already blushing.

The baby shower invitations are slow going. I dragged Andy (kicking AND screaming) to Michaels last night to look for a teddy bear punch. No dice. I’m going to have to order it online, which put things on hold for a while.

American Idol is on again tonight. I’m really looking forward to when the good singers are chosen and the competition begins. I’m tired of all of the shenanigans.



  1. Yes, that is the series.
    Where is the picture of the Heaven annointed chocolate cake?

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