Posted by: Amanda | February 6, 2007

Wisdom at a premium

I have an appointment next week with an oral surgeon. I have to get all four wisdom teeth extracted 23 days from now. My dentist put me on antibiotics last week because I have an infected tooth. I’m really nervous. I’ve never been a fan of needles, shallow holes in my mouth or anesthesia.

To calm my fears, or rather increase them exponentially my surgeon e-mailed me a video clip titled “What will happen on Surgery Day”. If you were able to rent this video at Blockbuster, it would be filled under the “horror” section to be sure.

Nothing else new to report…

Andy and I have been busy with church activities and meetings, meetings, meetings. We are really looking forward to having a nice relaxing weekend. We may go here again. We went there last Saturday for date night, and it was so good I can’t stop talking about it.



  1. I still have all of my wisdom teeth. Choosing to ignore the occasional pain is much more enjoyable than going through oral surgery. I’m such a baby when it comes to the dentist!

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