Posted by: Amanda | February 12, 2007

Nothing Much

  • We had a great, uneventful weekend.
  • We ate here with friends on Satuday night. It was delicious. I’m going again tomorrow for Girl’s Night Out. Following dinner….manicures and/or pedicures. How fun!
  • We watched Flicka last weekend – what a great, wholesome movie. Not award winning, but a decent movie.
  • Andy bought this a few weeks ago. I didn’t want him to spend them money, but I have to say I WAS WRONG – my teeth are shades whiter and feel like I just stepped out of the dentist office every day. Best purchase ever!
  • I made homemade pizza last night. And when I mean homemade, I mean I bought premade dough from the deli and stetched it, and decorated it with pepperoni (pre-sliced – and only on 1/2…I detest pepperoni), cheese and mushrooms. It was delicious. Even Andy ate it (which says a lot).
  • My friend Kelly stopped by work this morning with this book. I read the two chapters during my lunch break and i’m hooked. Now I just want to go home and read for the afternoon…if only.
  • Valentines Day is this Wednesday. We can’t decided whether to go out or stay in. What are you doing?

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