Posted by: Amanda | February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I got the day off today because of the Nor’easter that’s dumping snow all over New England.

Andy had to go into work today, but was released at noon.

We spent the afternoon watching Broken Trail. It’s a western staring Robert Duvall. There were a few parts where the fast forward button came in handy, but overall it was a good movie.

We planned on going to Anjon’s tonight, but because of the weather situation we ended up staying in. Andy made General Gau cashew chicken with white rice, salad and stuffed mushrooms. I’ll admit I was nervous, but it came out really well. I have it good.

A little later tonight (probably while American Idol is on) were going to have strawberry fondue. How romantic…

Here are a few pictures:

I made valentine cupcakes!

He cooks! Who knew? Not I.

General Gau Cashew Chicken Suprise!



  1. It just now stopped snowing. It is hard to tell how much we got as it has been blowing around too. Probably between 2 + 3 ft. We got the nor’easter here too. Where we live, and I had no idea until last winter, is called the 690 corridor and that is where the lake effect tends to dump a lot of snow. A lot of areas around here got much less.
    BTW; I would definitely keep him. Dinner looked delicious.

  2. Oh, now I’m craving stir fry.

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