Posted by: Amanda | February 18, 2007

Titus 2

I did it. I made a whole skirt. Well, with her help….(yes, she is 11, but she is a wiz on the sewing machine – she put most of us to shame).

Here I am with my new creation (not the best picture, but you get the idea).

Next month is knitting which is a little more in my comfort zone.

More pictures here!



  1. Way to go! I’ve made ONE thing with a sewing machine–a Christmas tablecloth for my MIL. Made with much love, blood, sweat and tears. And then the admittance that God’s given me many gifts, but the ability to cut and sew a straight line is NOT one of them.

    So, I’m impressed with your skirt!

    (Put silk ribbon embrodiery on your to-try list, if you haven’t yet. . . *grin*)

  2. I cannot sew to save my life, so your skirt is quite impressive. Nice job!

  3. The skirt looks fabulous! When you said you made it with “her” help I though for sure you’d have a picture up there of me… 😉

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  5. Very nice! Isn’t it wonderful to make something with your own two hands?

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