Posted by: Amanda | March 9, 2007

Laundry is rolling around in the dryer. Dishes are being washed. Fresh bread is being baked in the oven. Today has been productive.

I have a church friend coming over for an early dinner today. Followed by 7 teenagers in the evening. Youth group has moved to “The Wheelers” for a special movie night. We are watching Narnia (again for some)!

This afternoon I hope to finish this book. I’ve been muddling through it for the past few weeks. Very eye opening. I think Andy will be relieve when I’m done. He’s getting a little annoyed with me asking him “really, is that how you think?!”

I’ve been busy making cards in the last few days. Check them out!

Molly and I had a photo shoot this morning. Enjoy!



  1. Love the pictures of Molly, she is so photogenic (then again, maybe I am just partial to bassets)

    The cards are fantastic. You are one very crafty lady. I am so impressed! Who wouldn’t look forward to getting one of these?

  2. Wow! Love the spring flowers on your blog!

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