Posted by: Amanda | March 11, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

:: Did everyone remember to spring forward this morning? We didn’t which is amazing because I typed reminders for people in the church bulletin for the last three weeks, but couldn’t remind myself. Oh well. Andy and I enjoyed the extra rest.

:: My laptop is on the fritz so I’m forced to use the big PC in the basement. Boo.

:: I’ve been making photo CD’s this afternoon. We have so many digital pictures on this computer that I want to have a copy just in case it decides to explode.

:: While looking through the pictures I came across old pictures of Rachel and Andrew (the children I used to Nanny for). We had so many fun times together. Rachel shares my love of drawing. I’ve uploaded some of the “creations” we made over the years. Oh, what fun. I really miss nannying.

:: Andrew was madly in love with trains, particularly Percy, a green train in the Thomas the Tank Engine series. One afternoon I made “Percy pancakes” for him – he was thrilled to say the least. Andy just doesn’t get as excited over unusually colored food.

:: Well the clock says 7:08, but its still sunny outside. I guess I should made dinner? I hate time change.



  1. You are one very creative lady. Are the pictures on the wall or poster board? Matty also loves Thomas. He got new Thomas sneakers. He can show us which is Thomas, which is James and which is Percy. Percy is also our favorite but I doubt I “do” green pancakes.
    I love your crafty photo file…. hope you will share more.

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