Posted by: Amanda | March 17, 2007

Stupid snow.

:: We got about 6″ of snow last night. Very unwelcome snow in my opinion. We had to cancel youth group last night, Andy was very disappointed. We had a really cool lesson planned. C’est la vie – maybe next week.

:: Titus 2 was also cancelled this morning. I was very much looking forward to learning how to knit something other than a straight line. Hopefully that class will be rescheduled as well.

:: My sister Becky is recovering at home with her daughter Jaslyn and her new son Lucas. I’ve been praying for her all week. Her husband Chris was unable to make the birth as he is training in SC for three months (they new this ahead of time). He is “border patrol”. I think she’s having a much harder time dealing with it now that the baby has come though. Luckilly, she is staying with my Dad and Step-mother…so she does have a lot of help. More pictures here.

:: We watched The Holiday last night. What a cute little movie. I loved it! It was a little corny in parts, but sometimes corny is good.

:: I’m going to try to make these today. Aren’t they so cute?

:: Oh yeah, happy St. Patricks Day…



  1. I am definitely with you….I was enjoying walking in my sandals and now this????? Wm. keeps saying it is only March, we have to expect this.
    The little chicks are adorable, as is Lucas. Still waiting for Lauren to make an appearance.

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