Posted by: Amanda | April 7, 2007

Good Friday

We participated in a Good Friday Service at church last night. We started off with a potluck dinner. Andy didn’t have much “luck”. It’s hard to be pleased when you hate all casseroles and lasagna. He was very happy with the dessert selection however. Here he is with heart shaped pineapple. Hehehe.

After dinner we had communion, a short service and then we all watched Passion of the Christ. I got to watch Elliot while his parents were downstairs coloring Easter eggs with the children. I really can’t sit through that movie, so I was happy for the distraction.

Andy is still sleeping. He stayed up almost all night trying to fix a computer for a girl at church. I could choke him, because his mother is coming today and we have errands to run before she gets here. Men.

Well i’m off to fold laundry, mop and vacuum. Fun, fun.

Have a wonderful Easter!


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