Posted by: Amanda | April 17, 2007


Erin and Frank – Christmas 2006

My little sister (2nd in line) just got engaged! She was “pre” engaged, but this is the real deal Holyfield. I’m so happy for her! She calls every night and we talk about colors, venues, dresses, etc…I am so thankful for each minute. The date has been set for August 16th of 2008. As Matron (old married farts cannot be maids) of Honor I am in serious talks with myself about a cool bridal shower. I want it to be very Martha, but on a Kmart budget.

In other news, I have been cleared to go back to work tomorrow. Hurray! I thought I would love the little break, but its really no fun at all when you are in the bed the whole time. Our house should have caution tape around it its so dirty, but that’s what weekends are for.

Well, i’m off to take a nap. Although feeling better, i’m having a horrible time getting any sleep. I cough almost constantly when laying down (err…and standing up) and nothing has seemed to work. For some reason its much, MUCH worse at night, so i’ve been saying up (not because I want to) until 2, 3, 4am and then sleeping during the day. Hopefully this shall pass soon!



  1. Hopefully this finds you feeling better. Didn’t the cough syrup work? They gave me codiene cough syrup and the cough does not seem as bad. Don’t you think for what ever reason, you always feel worse at night when you are sick?
    As for the shower, if anyone can be very Martha on a K-Mart budget, it would be you!

  2. My dear, I hope you’re better now! I remember your sister Erin. Though last time I knew she was 12. . . Funny how people just stay a certain age after you move away, isn’t it?

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