Posted by: Amanda | April 24, 2007

Opinions Please….

I have two sisters getting married this year (well, one is technically already married – but that’s a story for another day). Anyway – I have been crowned MOH for both weddings. I’m having no problems with my older sister as she and I have similar tastes. However, my younger sister and I cannot agree on a bridesmaids dress. She prefers things a little less modest (think…walking down the isle in a bathtowel..washcloth?). She fell in love with this lowcut backless number, I promptly vetoed (I really don’t know where I could get my hands on the amount of spandex I would require to get everything sucked, tucked, etc). This is my more sensible solution. What do you think (well this dress, but imagine in it in apple red – I chose this one, because her wedding dress is also embroidered).



  1. I love your choice….. her’s not too much. Too low cut in the front and back. I don’t think I would like it even all the brides maids wore a size 0 or 2. A lot of MOH dresses are similar yet different than the bridesmaids anyway.

  2. I must say that I’m always surprised at how much skin is exposed at many weddings this day! I can appreciate you not wanting to join in such trends! I think an important but often overlooked factor every bride should consider is whether or not her attendant(s) will feel comfortable in the dress she chooses. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter how pretty the dress– they will look awkward!

    Your choice seems very pretty while simple enough to let the bride “shine.” Great MOH dress, in my opinion!!

  3. *these* days.


  4. I also like your choice. It’s very pretty!

  5. So, I notice the dress your sister likes is designed by “After Six.” Is that like “after six drinks I’ll feel like putting this on”? I definitely prefer your choice. Elegant simplicity.

  6. Your choice is beautiful! I love it. nice dress. i was going to comment on paula too. i thought to myself she always seems to cover up pretty well, but last night…woah! i had to look away. i could not believe she was showing so much!!! i was disappointed.

  7. sorry…meant to give you my name.

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