Posted by: Amanda | May 16, 2007

Poor Keith

My Mom is constantly hot. Even in the winter, if you ask her she is officially “boiling”. My mother’s temperature and mood have changed drastically over the last few years. My mother blames THE CHANGE (she says it in all caps as if it’s some sort of flesh eating virus that will surely end in her demise….likely from melting like a snow cone on a hot August day).

For Mother’s day my step father Keith sacrificed himself (he has horrible sinus problems) and bought my mom an air conditioner. He installed it when she was at work and surprised her with it. For the first few days she was in love with it (she no longer had to lay ON TOP OF our freezer in the basement). But yesterday she packed it all up and returned it to the store. My step father called me to ask what he did wrong – she had asked for one for years, so why is she taking it back?

My mom convinced herself it was far too expensive to run. The poor guy can’t win. Better make room in the freezer again.

How cool is this? Get yours here! (you must have a flickr account)



  1. Here is a tip for your mother that “saved” me. Magnesium twice a day and Zinc at night. You would be surprised how well this works. My sister either had to result to the freezer (she had a side by side) or laying on the ceramic floor in the kitchen.
    Both supplements can be purchased at Wal*Mart very inexpensively.
    I am fortunate enough here to have central air.

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