Posted by: Amanda | May 21, 2007

Nice day for a BBQ.

Andy and I barbecued again tonight as promised. It was the perfect temperature to eat outside too, so we took advantage of it. I have an irrational fee of bees (I’m allergic) so we don’t eat outside as much as Andy would like. Today though, was one of 5 days out of the whole year where the bugs aren’t out yet, but it’s still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. Molly was rather obnoxious though. She whined, then looked pathetic and then finally gave up.

Does anyone have one of these? I wonder if they work. Might be worth the investment. I found them on one of my favorite websites:

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I am SO excited about tonight’s finale of this. I know, I know pathetic. I haven’t watched many other seasons, but I got sucked into this one while I was home for days with pneumonia. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.



  1. I got sucked into this season too 🙂 so dont feel bad. How do you feel about his ultimate choice? personally I was very very happy, I thought she was the most honest and real person on the show.
    Ok, just had to gossip a bit 🙂

  2. You live in a log home? Oh, I would love that. I always wanted a log home and have a basset. Never had a log home but have had 4 bassets over the last 9 years. Unfortunately, now that Zoe is gone, I have neither……and you have both????!!!!!!!!!!
    Well, Molly finally gave up….. Zoe whined till you shared, Casey would have just helped herself!

  3. Oh come on, how can you say no to that face? 😉 (We ate outside yesterday too!)

  4. […] Andy and I took the opportunity to sleep in today.  We were SO tired last night.  Not only did the concert last way past 11, but we had to take everyone home yesterday.  Needless to say we did a whole lot of nothin’ today.  I puttered around…cleaned the fridge, scrapbooked, laundry, painted my toes, etc.   Andy, well, he was actually a bit more productive than me.  He changed the air filter and got some transmission fluid for the car.  He also put up our bee hotel’s for the summer.  It’s been warm the last few days and I’ve already spotted a few yellow jackets.  Remember, my bee phobia from last year. […]

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