Posted by: Amanda | May 21, 2007


::I’m not ready for this week to begin. I have to cram a ton of work into three days this week. Andy and I took off Thursday to celebrate our anniversary and since it’s Memorial Day weekend I get five whole days off in a row. I hope to get a lot done at home. I’m organizing my Mom’s 50th birthday party this summer (from 2 states away) and my sister Erin and I are working on a chronological scrapbook for her. So much work to be done!

::This lady came up to me in church yesterday and said she had received a vision from the Lord about me. She proceeded to tell me that in her vision she saw me in a hospital bed with a baby in each arm. I didn’t really know what to say. To be honest no one has ever “received a vision” about me before and I’m not sure what to make of it (ok – well that’s not entirely true – once before and that came “true”). Of course, the desire of my heart is to be a mother but I don’t want to read into this too much. How are we to respond when people have visions?

::We have really been enjoying our grill lately. Andy just got our tank refilled from last year on Saturday and Saturday night we enjoyed some delicious steak I had marinated. Yum! Last night we made grilled chicken, and tonight hambergers are on the schedule. I love summer!



  1. How did your weekend go? The fund raiser, etc?
    Being able to grill out is one of the best parts of summer. We too have a gas grill. Josh makes fantastic grilled dinners but he uses charcoal…..he has quite the set up there.
    What are you doing to celebrate your anniversary?

  2. I actually heard someone talk about responding to other’s visions before. I thought they had a pretty good answer. They said God can indeed speak to you and potentially others about you through visions. However, they cautioned that someone elses visions about you must be tested and proved through prayer and by his Word. Don’t know if that really helps but how exciting!

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