Posted by: Amanda | June 4, 2007

Let it rain…open the floodgates of…

Heaven… Let it rain! Great song, but enough already. It’s wet, I have a headache and I miss the sun. I think summer now offically begins in July. I remember last year it did this too. Rained all of June and was hot and sunny July through September. Hmph.

Andy and I spend most of the weekend with the Youth Group at church. Friday we painted signs at church for an upcoming event: Honor Our Heroes, and Saturday we had a Rent-A-Teen service project. Our teens helped people from the church with stuff around the church as part of our unit on Christian service. It was very rewarding for us and hopefully – the teens. We really hope to raise enough money this summer to go to Acquire the Fire. How awesome would that be?



  1. Our youth (Fan The Flames) is in the middle of a Rent a Kid campaign. They are doing it for a few months I think to earn money for a missions trip.

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